Interested in joining the lab?

Undergraduate Students


Undergraduates can join the lab in a number of ways:

  • Special problems for Undergraduates (BIO 200; 1-2 credits)

  • Research Experience for Undergraduate (BIO 300; 1-2 credits)

  • Special problems for Advanced Undergraduates (BIO 400; 1-2 credits)

  • Senior Project - Research (BIO 462; 2 credits)

  • Honors Research (BIO 463; 2 units)

  • Frost Summer and Academic Year Undergraduate Research Opportunities - paid positions

  • Santa Rosa Creek Foundation Undergraduate Research - paid positions

  • Volunteer - unpaid position


Graduate Students


Cal Poly offers a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Biological Sciences, through which I accept students. Information on this program can be found at:


If you are interested in our lab, please contact me by email: 

“Few things provoke like the presence of wild animals. They pull at us like tidal currents with questions of volition, of ethical involvement, of ancestry.”



-Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams

** I am currently seeking a graduate student (M.S. in Biological Sciences) to join my lab in the Fall of 2022**